Unless you want your business to be the world’s greatest secret, you need potential customers to know about your business. You could talk to everyone you meet about your business. Many business owners are very good at this, but it’s hard to reach a lot of potential customers this way.

You can spend money on advertising. This works for the world’s largest corporations and it can work for you – if you have deep pockets and don’t mind spending.

  • Press releases are the least expensive way to reach a large number of potential clients or customers
  • It generate media coverage, increase sales and spread your company’s message
  • Direct targeted and organic traffic back to a website, create journalistic interest abroad
  • Press releases can help you gain the attention of journalists, they start to trust you and give you more media coverage in future
  • Your Company get mention, citation, buzz & referral traffic
  • Permanent Web indexation
  • Press releases can let potential clients know about all types of company news, including new partnerships, new products, new services, etc.

Client Reference: DyneArt, BedNBoats

Sample of Press Release written & distributed by AgencyMee: